Show 90 – Predictions and James Harden

Call to Action

Call to Action

Show 90 starts with some discussion of the differences between wolves and coyotes as well as gunshots.

At 4:30, Stig and Bill discuss various new year predictions including sports, celebrity deaths as well as the various presidential issues that may arise.

At 17:23, Bill and Stig discuss Facebook video and a “bad” gospel singer. Also covered in the segment is James Harden, Bowl game watching, Simone Biles, and Texans’ playoff predictions.

At 25:44, Stig and Bill finish off the show contemplating starting a podcast feud. Stig mentions Bloomington, IN and the King Dough Pizza restaurant. The pair finish the show with what is new to both of them for the week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Shoot Your Shot” – J. Geils Band  (iTunes)
  • “Too Late God” – Bob Geldof
  • “For The Victims of Ravishment” – Frankie Goes to Hollywood (iTunes)




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