Show 95 – Patriots win Super Bowl, Lady Gaga

Show 95 starts with Bill and Stig discussing their beers and what’s coming up during this episode.

At 4:29, Stig and Bill discuss working events around the Super Bowl, namely, the Dan Patrick Show for Stig, and events at Mid Main for Bill. Discovery Green may have limited access to the ZZ Top event. The segment ends with Stig and Bill talking about crowd dynamics and aspects of what happens in town during large events like the Super Bowl.

At 16:01, Bill talks about his experience on the Metro Rail during the week and also about all the events at Mid Main. Bill and Stig discuss the actual game a bit including the 5 time Super Bowl champion from the past. Stig and Bill then go gaga for Gaga. The segment ends with talk about the advertising during the big game with some particular attention given to Lumber 84.

Lumber 84 Super Bowl Ad

At 31:40, Bill talks about the Feds getting involved with Pasadena. Bill also adds to his reading list from a few weeks ago. Stig talks about the Texas Rangers and the Brady jersey along with Saturday Night Live. Bill wraps the show with some talk about Walter’s Downtown.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Goal” – Football, Ect. (WordPress)
  • “New Romantics” – Taylor Swift (iTunes)
  • “But Is It Commercial” – Jon Astley (YouTube)




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