Show 96 – Foreign Correspondents and One Fifth

Show 96 starts with Stig and guest muse Dale Prasek talk about what’s coming up on the show regarding some restaurant issues and eating in Houston.

At 3:09, Stig and Dale dig down deep and discuss the issues regarding the closing of Foreign Correspondents. Dale then explains the draw of BBQ for visitors in Houston. The segment ends with Dale and Stig discussing the new five year concept restaurant, One Fifth.

Houston Press coverage on this story. We recorded before the issue came out.

At 20:37, Stig and Dale talk about Bill’s vacation breakfast. Stig talks about the various cheeses and beer he had during a Houston Dairy Maids/St. Arnold pairing event. Stig also sneaks some Taylor Swift news in the show. Also since Bill is missing, Stig updates his running progress.

At 29:55, Dale and Stig cover a bit of sporting news. Dale mentions issues at Madison Square Garden. The show wraps up with Stig and Dale talking about what’s new to them this week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “World Leave Me Alone” – Ambrosia (iTunes)
  • “Cockamamie Business” – George Harrison (YouTube)
  • “Here is No Why” – Smashing Pumpkins (iTunes)





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