Show 108 – Sid Miller, Rainbow Crosswalk, Love Letters

Show 108 starts a rare daytime recording with a discussion of what Bill and Stig are drinking and a preview of what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:49, Stig corrects a few statements about the Texas legislature. Bill then gives his opinion on the upcoming Health Care bill. Stig talks for a moment about the pair of blue jays that are building a nest in his windowsill. Bill brings up a few mistakes Sid Miller has made lately and Stig wants Sean Spicer’s job.

At 11:36, the sports segment gets moved up and Stig begins by talking about the Astros in Oakland. Stig then gives a little additional information about the new Dash coach and updates on the performances of both the Dash and Dynamo. The segment concludes with an unnamed source’s view on the Astrodome.

At 19:45, Bill and Stig talk about the fact that there are new people in town that have never experienced a tropical storm or hurricane. Bill reports on a local blackout. Stig mentions the new special crosswalk.

At 27:41, Bill gives the scoop on the new law that requires one to be a certain age to get married. Stig has bag news that’s becoming a statewide issue. Stig then shares what’s new to him and Bill follows up with a love letter.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Number 9” – Moon Hooch (iTunes)
  • “Talkin Loud & Sayin Nothing” – J. Period feat. James Brown
  • “Thunder Clatter” – Wild Cub (iTunes)
  • “Walk Don’t Walk” – Prince and The New Power Generation (iTunes)

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