Show 120 – Day for Night for Women, Piggy’s, Dream Girl

Show 120 starts with Bill and Stig talking about the premature reporting of Tom Petty’s death. Also discussed, what’s coming up during the rest of the show.

At 4:25, the segment starts with beer selections for the week. Stig and Bill then discuss Day for Night being a woman-centric festival.

Texas Monthly on Dayfornight

Also discussed is the shift of Nina Diaz, from the band Girl in a Coma, to also performing as a solo artist.

Houston Press on Nina Diaz

Music Break – Tom Petty “Time to Move On”

At 14:16, Bill shares some updates on the Texas Legislature especially regarding Joe Straus. Stig brings the news on jury assembly rooms downtown, a post-Harvey sad story.

At 23:16, Stig updates a parole hearing. Bill shares legal news concerning the downtown tigers. Stig and Bill then work the sports segment with Astros and Texans news.

At 37:37, Bill and Stig share what’s new for them this week. Bill goes to a new eatery, Stig watches a disturbing film.


Dream Girl

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