The Java Muses is a podcast about Houston Culture, Arts, Sports, … and other crap. This is the blog that contains the podcast content and other additional content we may present between podcasts.

The Java Muses are Stig Daniels and Bill Shirley. They love sharing their love for Houston.

Stig is the head of the Java Time Productions, a small but vibrant production and edit facility in operation in Houston for 19 years. Although a resident of Upper Kirby, he spends most of his time around the Heights or downtown, trolling the streets to discover the best of Houston to share with you. He also has an impressive music collection and still believes in vinyl!

Bill is of, superabounds in, and meanders about Houston.  He loves beer, and especially the resurgence of breweries in Houston.  He bicycles many, many places because that’s a great way to get around and enjoy Houston.  He likes yard work, but likes it even better when his good neighbor does it for him.  He’s lived and worked other places, but he came back here because it’s awesome.