Show 47 – Houston Elections and HERO Proposition

Show 47 starts with Bill and Stig talking about Hurricane Patricia and what’s coming up in the show.

At 4:59, Bill and Stig discuss the upcoming Houston election focusing in on Proposition 1, also known as the HERO ordinance. Bill does a nice job explaining a few nuances of the ballot.

"One solution to Houston's 'Bathroom Ordinance'!!"

“One solution to Houston’s ‘Bathroom Ordinance’!!”

At 12:57, Stig starts the segment with a correction from the previous week. Sports talk starts with Texans disappointments and UH success.

At 18:30, Bill and Stig talk about our drinks including “The Sorority Girl Dream”.  The pair then covers what is new to them this week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Venus As A Boy” – Bjork (iTunes)
  • “Jambalaya” –Fats Domino (iTunes)
  • “Edge of Seventeen” – Stevie Nicks (iTunes)


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