Show 131 – Olympic Wrap Up and Guns

Show 131 starts with whiskey and beer! The rodeo is in town and spotted in the Heights. Stig and Bill mention what’s coming up.

Musical Break – Death Cab for Cutie “No Room In Frame”

At 5:36, Stig and Bill break down the Olympics and have some odd observations several participants.

Musical Break – Oingo Boingo “Little Guns”

At 14:55, the conversation moves to guns, Parkland, NRA, shooting semi-automatics.

Musical Break – Thomas Dolby “Commercial Breakup”

At 23:08, Bill and Stig talk about voting and the primaries. The is some attention on the dynamics of the state house.

Music Break – Boyfriend “Hey Girl (SHY Remix)”

At 34:52, Bill brings the Lent news. The pair share what’s new to them, Stig’s is merely perception, Bill’s is social.


Show 130 – Olympics Start and Primaries Upcoming

Show 130 starts with a bit of Olympic news and special beers for a special day. They guys also preview what’s coming up on the program.

Musical Break – Robert Ellis “Only Lies”

At 5:45, the Olympics discussion starts with medal counts and caloric intake for athletes. Astros news also begins.

Musical Break – Hoops McCann Band “Deacon Blues”

At 14:58, the Olympics take center stage with several stories coming out of Korea. Bill also takes us through a couple of upcoming political races in the neighborhood.

Musical Break – Little Feat “A Apolitical Blues”

At 28:55, Stig features an article from Vox. Bill and Stig talk about the Astrodome. The show wraps up with what’s new for the guys.


Show 76 – Olympics, White Linen Nights, Heights Theatre

Show 76 starts at a USWST viewing party with Bill and Stig discussing what’s coming up on the show and what they are drinking.

At 3:30, Bill and Stig discuss the coverage of the Olympics and complain about NBC’s presentation. They also talk about the opening ceremony as well.

At 14:40, Stig and Bill discuss the tensions between American and Russian women swimmers. Bill then gives a bit of a review on this years’ White Linen Night. Bill also discusses his most recent scavenger hunt as well as the Heights Theatre renovation.

At 30:45, Stig tells about some Astros’ losses. Bill brings the news on a new bar in the Heights. Bill is upset with the Emmy’s but happy about the dog park. Stig talks about airplane loading and Bill wraps the show with new television program news.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “International Smile” – Katy Perry  (iTunes)
  • “Russians” – Sting (iTunes)
  • “Lucky I Got What I Want” – Jungle (iTunes)